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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Listen to Author Access Award-Winning Podcast

Irene Watson, podcast host and editor of AuthorSuccess says of the new podcast interviews in her series: "... I have no doubt this episode [of podcasts] will go on to be forever in our Top 10 list. Congratulations on a great show!"

Here is her invitation to listen:

Visit with the creative force behind the HowToDoItFrugally Series of Books for writers. Carolyn shared her best tips and strategies for low-cost/zero-cost marketing campaigns and also talked about what NOT to do to market your books. She also talks about the value of editing and how it directly controls how your proposals, books, and marketing are peceived in the marketplace. Listen to the interview on Authors Access(visit link and click on the PODCAST button). Tune in each week as Irene and Victor interview industry luminaries on marketing, writing, editing, and publishing by subscribing to the RSS feed.


mizging said...

I wish I knew more about podcasts. I hear about them, but haven't listened to one. I guess I should change that so I can say I learned something new. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog.

Ginger Simpson

Yvonne Perry said...

My buddy, Irene, is all over the Web and so is Carolyn. I'm sure glad I know these two networking queens!

Yvonne Perry

Kathe Gogolewski said...

Carolyn, I watched the video on your blog and enjoyed your delivery very much. Maybe you should consider doing more videos! You are the Queen of Presentation and Promotion! Does that make you the Queen of P & P, or the Double P Queen? Okay...never mind!

suemorgan84 said...

Hi Carolyn, I thought writing my first novel (Out of the Ordinary) and getting it published was hard enough, but as you mention it's only once the book is published that you realize YOU have to promote it. I was discouraged by such a daunting task, but your great (and oh-so-frugal) ideas are things I CAN do. How encouraging to know they actually work better than throwing tons of cash at getting the word out. Thanks so much for sharing! Sue

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