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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Zero-Tolerance Editing, To Help You Get Your Writing Foot in the Door

I am writing a booklet full of Tips to Get the Zero-Tolerance Editors of the World to Look at Your Manuscript . It will be a free e-booklet. Here is an excerpt from it:

Palette/pallet/palate: This one is easy when you see them all together but sooo easy to overlook when we seem them used incorrectly in our text. "Palette" is that lovely little egg-shaped board with a hold cut out of it that painters use to mix their colors on. Or it might be square or rectangular or triangular. It could also refer to a group of colors you intend to use when you redecorate you living room. "Pallet" is one of those wood carrier you use to facilitate the shipping of a large number of small boxes, say your just-published book. "Palate" is that soft place in the back of your mouth, the place they once thought was the seat of your taste buds. That's why it's also used in context with tasting and food.

You can see I am aiming not just at the big, glaring boo-boos we all tend to make but at some refinements for zero-tolerance editing--the kind that will help you get your little writing foot in the door! Once in, we can make style choices that we can't make until we have some clout! (-: In the meantime, The Frugal Editor has a whole list of words like this in its appendix, too! (-:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson edits and consults on issues of publishing. Find her The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success on Amazon. Learn more about her other authors' aids at

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