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Thursday, June 25, 2009

And, and, and, and, and. So, do your overdo yours?

Starting your sentences with "and?"

Of course you can! And it isn't wrong! When you edit, just inspect each one them to see if you are overuseing them or if your "and" adds something or is just excess baggage.

Also, it might not be best to use to use "and" this way in a query letter. There may still be agents and editors out there who believe the myth that it is improper grammar. You do want them to read your manuscript, after all.

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Info said...

That is why I advise individuals and organizations to seek help from professional proofreaders on any writing task. An outside set of eyes never, ever hurts. Might help reduce the "And, ands." My favorite professionals are Speakwrite Communications

Professional grammar editor said...

Terrific post! Getting an outside set of eyes or a Professional grammar editor to proofread ones work is the surest way to get all the awkward phrases corrected.

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