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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"Everyday" or "Every day": That Is the Question


Can't help myself but add a one-item tip. That's because I keep seeing this error even in important documents being sent to gatekeepers who can make or break a career--the major theme behind my book The Frugal Editor, by the way. That is, use zero-tolerance editing for the stuff that goes to gatekeepers. So here it is:


Most dictionaries say this is a one-word adjective. When used as an adjective spell it "everyday." Example: "The store offers everyday values."

But when it is an adverb, it's two words. Here's an example. "He offers a new deal in his store every day."

Its use as two words is even clearer when it's used as a noun. It's also less likely to cause a disagreement (-: or confusion when it's a noun. Here's an example: "Every day is a beautiful day."

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