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Thursday, February 7, 2013

OMG! Trouble Ahead for Students Who Text Well But Lose Writing Skills

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Grammar News: It seems as if texting is ruining kids’ grammar skills. According to a Pennsylvania State study, kids are learning a new language.
The bad news is that the language the kids are learning is texting. So, OMG! This worries me a lot because  the grammar skills of most adults are not as good as they should be. What if they deteriorate?
We could argue that our language is changing just as it always has. English in motion! But maybe we should also be concerned if we want our kids to pass their SATs They may fail because the study says these same students are unable to “code switch,” a term used by linguists to mean that they can easily figure out and adjust to the old-fashioned way of spelling something or wording it.
So, if we sit by blindly, they'll get poor scores on SATs, and they'll also have poor writing skills for their Freshman classes and for the communication required by their first jobs.
Some more news—good or bad depending on your viewpoint. Fewer universities are relying on SAT scores as heavily as they once did.

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