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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Loving Wordtrippers! Needing Yours!

I'm collecting wordtrippers for the new booklet in my HowToDoItFrugally Series of books for writers. I love this one:

Editing Tip: Here’s a homonym/misspelling that gets by way too may authors who are self editing and even editors who usually get it right. 

“Forego” with the “e” means to go before. When you mean to go without, ditch the “e” and make it “forgo.” “I plan to forgo the entrĂ© in favor of their spectacular tiramisu.” Those of us who are pretty certain we’ve never written it without the “e,” can be almost certain we have gotten it wrong at least once in our lives. Learn more about the trickiest homonyms in The Frugal Editor and Great Little Last-Minute Edits

If you have a favorite (or most confounding wordtripper), send it to me at Include a credit for yourself with a link to your book and if it isn't already in my little wordtipper booklet or in the wordtripper section of the second edition of The Frugal Editor, I'll use it.
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