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Friday, May 20, 2016

Rarely Discussed Wordtrippers


This is just a quick copy-and-paste from my #SharingwithWriters newsletter so subscribers to this blog won't think I've forgotten them! (-:  It's one of those wordtrippers that doesn't get much attention. and one I can almost guarantee you didn't get any help with in school.

"Predominate” is not just a verb. It is also an adjective just like “predominant.” In fact, according to dictionaries “predominate” means “predominant.” Still, great editors know which are first choices when one or the other faces them in the copy they are editing.
 Mirriam-Webster, the go-to dictionary for those who write books, says “predominatey” is the variant form of “predominantly”—meaning “predominantly” is more standard.  In fact, it's so preferred that my Word program keeps auto changing predominately for me. It has no clue that I am trying explain the difference there and that's a good lesson in keeping a sharp eye out for its bad habit of thinking it's always right! 
Regardless of which one you choose to use when you are writing books, you don’t want to use one version on one page and another on another page.  

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