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Friday, November 9, 2007

Welcome to The Frugal, Smart and Tuned-In Editor

You are at the home of The Frugal Editor. This blog is intended to be a place where writers of all kinds can ask questions about how they can improve their writing. That includes the writing of business letters, query letters, poetry, book manscripts, book proposals...yikes! Everything!

Many times we'll use a Question and Answer format a la Ann Landers. You ask. I'll answer. Or I'll find someone else to answer. How's that? And be sure to include how you'd like to be credited (or not!). Yes, I'm also the Frugal Book Promoter and including your name, title, URL and maybe even a short blurb about your book certainly can't hurt your promotion campaign. (-: Just send your question to Be sure to put "THE FRUGAL EDITOR BLOG" in the subject line.

Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Award-winning author of the How To Do It Frugally series of books for writers


Rey Ybarra said...


I love you blog! Your use of blogs and incredible writing make this a must for anyone wanting to learn more about editing and the publishing world. Keep up the excellant work.

Rey Ybarra, Host and Producer of Best Selling Author TV.

Yvonne Perry said...

Hi Carolyn,

You have been tagged for a blog meme. Go to my blog to learn how to participate.

Yvonne Perry

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