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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hurry, the Bain of Editors and My Humiliation

Two days ago I experienced a first. Two awards in one day. The Next Generation Indie Book Award (for independently-published book and those published by small and university presses) named my marketing campaign for The Frugal Editor a winner. (See the article with including the winning entry at

I included the entry so you can learn from it what I did with the promotion campaign but also so you could perhaps intuit how one might cull the important little nuggets from a whole lot of extraneous stuff when one has been limited to a specific word count for a contest submission.

In the same notification, I learned that The Frugal Editor was also a finalist for best of how-to books.

These awards come with many perks but the best for me -- by far -- is that The Frugal Editor will be featured in a catalog that will be distributed at Book Expo America at the end of this month. I love and appreciate honors as much as the next person but for me awards are mostly about how they can help an author do what they wrote the book for to begin with. I say that assuming that most of us write because we want to share -- to share our story or our expertise or both. We share by getting our books read. Notice I said "read," not necessarily "sold," though that's nice, too.

Although I was all alone sitting in front of my computer, I squealed like a happy piglet being served a great entrée right from the dinner table. And I'm still on a high.

Oh, you want to know about that goof, huh? Note that the error was in the very first sentence. Note also that I got one of the plurals in that sentence right and one wrong, so I do know the difference. It's all about that word HURRY: Here it is!

Contact: Carolyn Howard-Johnson
Fax: 818-790-4299
Phone: 818-790-0502

For Immediate Release

Indie Book Awards Gives Carolyn Howard-Johnson a Double Honor

Chelsea, MI -- Good things come in two's as well as threes.

Now, are you going to edit as I say and not as I do so you can avoid HUMILIATION? (-:

Carolyn Howard-Johnson edits and consults on issues of publishing. Find her The Frugal Editor: Put Your Best Book Forward to Avoid Humiliation and Ensure Success on Amazon. Learn more about her other authors' aids at

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