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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh, those hateful "ings!" But look at the good they do!

I hate "ings." It's not that they're wrong. It's that I now they're going to cause me work. That's because they are indicators. (That's not a new grammatical term--or an old one as far as know. It's just a word that means what it's always meant, that they point something out to me!).

They are tell me I've used a progressive tenses that could be simplified. Or they point to passive tenses that would be better activated or of wordy dependent clauses and more.

Mind you, I didn't say I eradicate all I just use the find function in my Word program to see if I could have written crisper copy. Do the same thing with those ugly "ly" things that come on the end of adverbs.

Mmmm. Maybe I should love "ings." At least, unlike the grammar check, they do tip me off!

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1 comment:

Yvonne Perry said...

Carolyn, I'm confused by this sentence:
"They are tell me I've used a progressive tenses that could be simplified."

Do you mean to say "They are telling me" or "they tell me"?

Then, there's a disagreement using "a" with a plural noun "tenses". Shouldn't this be written "used a progressive tense" or "used progressive tenses"?

Also, did I correctly use the punctuation outside the quotation marks above?

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