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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Editor Joyce Gilmour Wants Serial Comma Reassurance

Serial Comma Question from Editor and Reviewer: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

As long as we are talking editing, I have an editor's question for you. What is your stance on the "serial comma"? I've been doing research on it, and I want to hold on to the NEED for the comma which is being dropped all over the place. I'd love to hear your thoughts.

All the best,

Joyce M. Gilmour Editor & Book Reviewer

My answer:

Serial commas are a style choice. Newspapers are using them less and less--or rather they're eliminating the last comma that comes just before the "and." Academia and fine book publishers are still using them. I haven't looked, but I'd guess that the AP Style Book says to eliminate them and Chicago says to include them. Like many things, the rules aren't hard and fast. As an editor--mostly of books--I tend to use them in most things. If you decide to use them, do a search of the word "and" to be sure you've used them in every instance. Once we make a style choice, we should stick to it.

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1 comment:

Karen Cioffi said...

This is a great topic and one I know I've wondered about. I usually add the comma with the "and."

Now I know it's a toss-up as long as you're consistent.

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