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Saturday, April 3, 2010

In the News: Our Changing Language

National Geographic reports that new study helps us predict which words in our language and 86 related Indo-European languages will change and how fast. Generally, the ones we use the most like “I”, “two,” and “who” are least likely to change. Verbs and adjectives change faster than nouns, numbers and pronouns. They ask “Will local lingo be homogenized in this age of global media?” And answer, “Not necessarily . . . [think of] the stiff British resistance to “couch” for “sofa.” There was no mention of why they call a run in a stocking a “ladder.” And THAT’s always been my question!

I've ordered the book you see here. I haven't read it, so it isn't a reccommendation, just a possiblitiy for pursuing this subject if you're interested.

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